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WhatsApp Digital Latency Program to Control Fake News


In the recent Year’s fake news is spreading drastically fast nothing is present to tackle it due to fake news lots of mob lynching and violence activities happened in the country. People share WhatsApp messages without even check the fact of that message but now Facebook as a parent of WhatsApp trying to stop that.

Solution WhatsApp trying

WhatsApp is now collaborating with several institutions to spread awareness among people about the consequences of the fake news work of those institutions to teach the users how to spot the fake news and check the fact of that news.

The company is also trying different wheys to tackle like working with institutions and educational bodies to popularize the curriculum to inform the students of all the standards.  students can know the challenges of the fake news and wrong information and WhatsApp also introduces the number of features to tackle it like admins of the group get more control on the group and labelling forward messages.

The spokesperson said that we are working with the experts to grow the digital literacy in India we will educate people about fake news. Indian government had recently raised his discomfort about and says we are not satisfied with the solutions and IT minister of India also shows his worry about this problem.

WhatsApp Digital Latency Program Control Fake News, WhatsApp is now trying to find the solutions Quickly to get out of this problem and better way to spot fake news, educating people about fake forwarded messages.

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Top 3 Search Engine in 2018





Top 3 Search Engine in 2018


In the list of top 3 Search Engine in 2018, there are lots of search engines are present in the market but here we find the top of three search engines in the market.

3. Yahoo


Yahoo came in the third position in this list, Yahoo gets it’s most of the traffic from the countries like Japan,  Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philipines.

In Japan, Yahoo is bigger than Google because Yahoo has a very strong presence in the market of Japan.

in this race, it came first in Japan and after that  Philippines and Taiwan. if we go in the history of Yahoo it is founded in January 1994 about 24 years ago by Jerry Yang and David Filo and its Alexa Rank is seventh in may 2018. Revenue of Yahoo is about $5.7 Billion and it has 8600 employees in March 2017

2. Bing


Bing cames in the second position in this list and this search engine is owned by Microsoft.

it is available in 40 different languages and launched on June 1, 2009, written in ASP.NET.

it is available in 40 different languages but often it is not so popular as Google it owns 12-13% of the market for searches in the USA and about 14% of search in Canada but it holds the second position top 3 Search Engine in 2018.

There is some interesting data 85 % of users of Bing are in the USA   it doesn’t have much reach outside of USA

1. Google

Top 3 Search Engine in 2018

Google holds the top position in the best search engine of 2018 because searches done by Google is highest in numbers.

it is founded on September 4, 1998, in Menlo Park, California USA by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and it has 85,050 employees in 2018 parent organisation of Google is Alphabet Inc.

The users of Google are from worldwide Except some of the countries like China, Russia etc..

it offers lots of more services other than search engine Like Gmail, youtube, android operating system and some others.